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Composite Production Pallets

Our new patented pallet is produced from reinforced thermoplastic composite materials under high heat and high pressure. The most significant breakthrough in pallet production.

This is the board that took the international cement brickmaking industry by storm and is reforming the industry! Now available in South Africa from Revaro.


  • Pallets lighter than bamboo or PVC.

High strength & impact resistance

  • Impact strength higher than any other pallet available.
  • Guaranteed against cracking and breaking.

Excellent rigidity – reinforced thermoplastics

  • Board will not break and much thinner boards than plywood or regular wood can be used.

Will not:

  • Deform
  • Crack
  • Delaminate
  • Rot
  • Disintegrate

Waterproof, weatherproof & UV-resistant

  • No water absorption
  • Will not swell like wood, plywood & bamboo
  • Retains form under most severe conditions

Excellent wear resistance

  • Surface shore hardness D 76 – no vibration absorption
  • Surface wear less than 0.5 mm in 8 years
  • Board retains thickness ensuring even brick production
  • Reduces rejects – reduces cycle time

Low temperature resistance

  • Even at -20°C boards will not crack or get damaged

Corrosion resistant

  • Will resist most Alkalies, Liquid acid and salt

Use much thinner boards than plywood or wood

  • Thinner boards are recommended in block production
  • 1400 x 970, 840, 760 and 500 recommended thickness 28 mm
  • 760×760, 760×840, 1000×770 recommended thickness 20mm
  • 680×480, 530×630, 530×610 recommended thickness 16 mm


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We are one of the major suppliers of state of the art machinery, value for money and most affordable brick and block machinery in the African market in existence since 2000.

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